Sassy Hair Cap Expandable Satin Sleep Cap - Purple Rose

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Wake up to healthier-looking hair wearing a sleep cap that won't end up on the floor or next to your pillow! Featuring a snap clasp and super soft satin, the Sassy Hair Cap is a hair-inclusive accessory that protects all hair types, lengths, styles, and textures from breakage, frizz, tangles, and knots!

The snap closure gives you the ability to snap up the extended bonnet without messing up your hairstyle to allow for a shower cap or other covering if desired.

Whether you're seeking longevity from your style or ease to your daily hair care routine, the Sassy Hair Cap has you covered. By focusing on healthy hair, we've made it a priority to make hair maintenance easier for you! Ready to meet your hair's new BFF?


Key Features of The Sassy Hair Cap:

  • A hair-inclusive, super-soft, pink satin sleep bonnet to protect hair from damage
  • Expandable length protects long hair, hair extensions, braids, dreadlocks, twists, crochet hair, thick hair, and ponytails
  • Features an ultra-comfortable elastic band that keeps hair secured, soft, and manageable
  • Snap clasp allows protection for all hair types, lengths, styles, and textures that leaves hair frizz-free, breakage-free, knot-free, and tangle-free
  • Inclusive of all hair, including straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, coils, dreadlocks, twists, braids, fine hair, medium hair, coarse hair
  • Whether sleeping, showering, preparing for an event, or simply lounging the sassy hair cap is perfect for all occasions!
  • Our bonnet is made from machine washable 100% polyester satin

    Customer Reviews

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    Helps with breakage, restores weak hair!

    I have 3A-3B curl type! This bonnet has changed my hair for the better! My hair grew very quickly and i’ve noticed breakage start to lessen and grow out. I absolutely love this bonnet, I recently bought the new Purple Rose one after using the Pink one for about a year! Very durable and comfortable. I will use this product forever!