Sassy Hair Cap Expandable 2-in-1 Satin Sleep Cap - Black

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Wake up to gorgeous, healthy-looking hair with our signature 2-in-1 luxury sleep cap that won’t end up on the floor or next to your pillow! Featuring an innovative snap closure and lustrous, super-soft satin, the Sassy Hair cap is the go-to accessory for protecting all hair types, lengths, styles, and textures from dryness, breakage, frizz, tangles, and knots!

Designed with flexibility in mind, it can be easily extended or shortened for maximum convenience. Whether you’re seeking longevity from your style or ease in your daily haircare routine, the Sassy Hair Cap has you covered, literally.


Key Features of The Sassy Hair Cap:

  • A flexible, 100% polyester satin sleep bonnet to protect hair from damage.
  • Customizable, expandable length protects short hair, long hair, hair extensions, braids, locs, twists, crochet hair, ponytails, and more.
  • Features an ultra-comfortable elastic band that keeps hair secured, soft, and manageable.
  • Snap clasp helps safeguard all hair types, lengths, styles, and textures against breakage, frizz, tangles, and knots.
  • Perfect for all occasions, whether it be sleeping, preparing for an event, or simply lounging around!
  • Inclusive of all hair types and textures: straight, wavy, curly, coils, dreadlocks, twists, braids, fine hair, medium hair, and coarse hair.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews

    I'm satisfied with both the service and the product.
    The cap is truly comfortable to wear.
    They also gave me a refund for an order in which I didn't receive my package - not Sassy Hair Cap team's fault

    Love it

    I love this sleep cap. I keep my hair in braids, and it is the only sleep cap I can use that keeps my hair together. My daughter had the cap first, and I was using her, and she told me to get my own, and I am so glad I did. I would recommend this cap to any woman to keep her hair protected as she sleeps etc. It is comfortable and keeps your hair looking good. Glad I invested in this product.

    Larissa Guran
    Love it!

    I can’t believe how well the cap stays on and how fresh my curls look in the morning. My hair is long and I wear the cap backwards to keep from sleeping on my hair. It’s comfortable and stays put on my cotton pillowcase

    Queintesa Riggs

    Sassy Hair Cap Expandable Satin Sleep Cap - Black

    Elizabeth Fox

    Sassy Hair Cap Expandable Satin Sleep Cap - Black